My Love Life as an Escort

Have you ever thought about dating an escort? You will be surprised to learn that escorts develop feelings as much as regular ladies. After about a decade as an escort for a top escort agency in London, an encounter with my long lost crush changed me in all dimensions. In this post piece, I narrate how my life has shaped my love life as an escort.

How I Met My Love I have known Samson for the better part of my life. We met in high school while sitting next together in homegrown. Soon after, our connection grew more intense as we got to know each other. After high school, we maintained contact for some time across social media platforms before I vanished into thin air.

I joined as an innocent lady, even though I wasn’t a virgin at the time. My life took a turn after meeting a brunette cousin working among high class London Escorts. At first, I told myself that I was in it for the money but soon realized that I enjoyed making love to different individuals and couples with no strings attached, assuming that I was immune to love.

All through college, I kept my life as an escort secret and known only to the chosen few. One week after graduation, a high school friend invited me on a double date. Amanda was reluctant to let me in on who she was bringing to meet me at the dinner table. I cleaned up well and headed out to the predesignated venue in a short red dress from Knightsbridge.

Amanda outdid herself by bringing somebody I dreaded meeting as the person I had become. Samson showed up in his typical cool nature. The dinner was better than I had foreseen. We spent an intimate night at his place. Sex was better with him as I was comfortable letting him in on my weak points, and he knew specific points that needed attention.

Samson is well endowed and quite skilled in using his joystick. He maneuvered inside my pussy to reach unexplored points. His strong arms were effective as he ferried my petite body to every corner of his house. I could sense that he had foreseen himself pinning me in all weird corners of the house. For the first time in almost a decade, I didn’t fake an orgasm.

What was Different Since joining college, I had never dated a guy for more than thirty days. I valued relationships with no strings attached to ensure that my source of income wasn’t in jeopardy. After making love to Samson, something changed in me by a wide margin. I couldn’t wait to meet him again, yet, I wasn’t willing to initiate communication. To my surprise, he booked my time through the agency. I arrived at his hotel room in Chelsea to find Jane and her boyfriend. At first, I was filled with shame, but Samson made me feel welcome and at ease because he didn’t mind what I did to earn an income.

In the subsequent months, I met Samson at Bayswater, my place in London, five-star hotels, parks, and a wedding in Kensington. It’s been approximately eighteen months since our first date, yet the flame burns hotter than ever despite various obstacles along the way.

What I Learned About Dating a High-Class Escort Over the last eighteen months, I have noted certain changes in Samson and myself. Each night brings us closer, and Samson gets more jealous. He has been mounting pressure on me, claiming that he is no longer comfortable sharing with strangers. Unfortunately, I have grown fond of him, and I wouldn’t want to lose him as I don’t need to pretend.

I have been considering the idea of early retirement as a high-class escort in London. I am sending job applications to potential employers in London and neighboring cities like Chelsea. I am hopeful and positive about finding a job in my line of expertise. As for Samson, he is willing to pay a handsome amount weekly if I quit the job as an escort.

I have been a top-ranking escort in my agency for years. Being a model has allowed me to interact with different people from London and its environs. Samson has been hinting about moving to the United States for a fresh start in the next six months. If he asks me to move with him, I guess I won’t have much of a choice as I can’t stand seeing him with another.